What is a Property Offense?

Property offenses are commonly known as: Possession of Stolen Property, Theft, Fraud, or Mischief. For theft, it is basically taking something that does not belong to that person without permission from the owner. In fraud cases, there is an additional intent of misrepresentation or deceit.

The level of consequences for these crimes is relative to the severity of the crime. The greater the value of the property taken or the greater the complexity of the crime may result in a greater level of punishment.

In some cases, charges may be withdrawn through the Alternative Measures Program (AMP) or the Mental Health Diversion (MHD) if agreed by the Crown Prosecutor. If a person is accepted into a program and successfully complete the requirements of that program, charges may be withdrawn.

There are various ways to defend Property Offenses and the Criminal Defense lawyers Connolly Shurtz have several years of experience doing that with a successful outcome.

Police searches may be conducted
Costly fines
Conditional sentencing such as House Arrest and/or Restitution
Jail sentence
Permanent criminal record

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