What is a Sexual Offense?

Sexual offenses may include a number of charges including:

Sexual assault; where an intentional application of force of a sexual nature or in circumstances are sexual
Sexual interference; where there is touching of a person under the age of 16 in a sexual manner
Sexual exploitation; where there is sexual contact applied by a person in a position of authority
Sexual invitation; where there is an invitation to a person under the age of 16 to touch another person in a sexual manner

Prior criminal history and testimony from an alleged victim is essential for prosecution. Consent is not an available defense when the alleged victim is under the age of 16 nor when the charged is in a position of trust or authority to the alleged victim who is under the age of 18.

The Sexual Offender’s Information Registry (SOIRA) is a database created by the Canadian Government that requires those convicted of certain sexual crimes to register and disclose personal information to police. The registry occurs every year for a period ranging from ten years to life, depending on the severity of the crimes and the number of offenses. The public does not have access to the SOIRA.

The impact on a person’s life when charged with a sexual crime is enormous. The Criminal Defense lawyers at Connolly Shurtz will ensure complete discretion and protect our client’s rights and privacy when dealing with sexual offenses.

Jail sentence
Restraining orders
May be placed on the Sexual Offender’s Information Registry

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