Since joining Connolly Shurtz as a Student-at-law, Vincent has worked tirelessly to establish his professional reputation by acting as an aggressive advocate for his clients. During his 8 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, Vincent has sharpened his skills as a trial lawyer, and has secured not-guilty verdicts and lenient sentences for countless clients, many of whom who were facing serious and complex criminal charges.

Vincent Guinan
Vincent Guinan
Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lethbridge, AB

Vincent has successfully defended clients against charges including second-degree murder, sexual assault, break and enter, assault, drug trafficking and possession, and many more. Vincent has also diversified his legal practice by representing clients in quasi-criminal regulatory proceedings arising from legislation such as the Firearms Act, the Species at Risk Act, the Fisheries Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Customs Act. Vincent’s practice revolves around his ability to effectively assist clients with all manner of charges, and to provide compassionate, client-focused service throughout the process.

Before his admission to the Bar by the Law Society of Alberta, Vincent received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in History from the University of Alberta, and then shortly thereafter, proceeded to complete a Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

After obtaining these two undergraduate degrees, Vincent was awarded his law degree from the internationally renowned law program at Bond University in Australia. After law school, Vincent returned home to Southern Alberta, and he has since spent his career vigorously advocating for his clients against a broad variety of criminal and regulatory charges.

Vincent’s work as a trial lawyer has resulted in numerous published court decisions recognizing his exemplary advocacy work, and has solidified his status as one of Southern Alberta’s most prominent criminal defense lawyers.

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