What is a Violent Offense?

Violent offenses could be a number of different charges resulting from the allegations of a violent act or a threat of a violent act. Charges can range from criminal harassment, uttering threats, assault, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, can and may be considered Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence usually includes a current or former spouse or partner or other family members. Charges are laid if police are called to a residence or other place where there is an allegation of violence or attempted violence. Even if the victim or complainant wants to drop the charges, it is no longer their choice. Only a prosecutor can withdraw the charges at that point.

In some cases, a resolution may be attained by signing a Peace Bond. Peace Bonds may impose several conditions over a period of months and the charges will be withdrawn by the Crown. Breaching the Peace Bond conditions will result in a new set of charges.

In other cases, charges may be withdrawn through the Alternative Measures Program (AMP) or the Mental Health Diversion (MHD) if agreed by the Crown Prosecutor. If a person is accepted into a program and successfully complete the requirements of that program, charges may be withdrawn.

Assaulting a police officer and/or resisting arrest will have a definite negative impact on your charges. Prosecutors rely on police surveillance, testimony from alleged victims, and eyewitness statements.

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Costly fines
Jail sentence
No contact orders preventing a person from seeing family and loved ones
Inability to travel outside of the country
Prohibited from possessing firearms
Providing a DNA sample to the authorities

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